Content Management System (CMS)

Content Management Systems (CMS Services)

In this world of digital data, the content is the major asset that needs to be protected and organized. Content Management Systems seamlessly enhances the online presence of a business, online transactions, paperless inventory management and many other aspects of supply chain management.

Content Management System Services are essential components in any digital initiative as they build the core of the business. The business owners too don’t have to be technology experts to regularly maintain their digital systems.

Ingresos Recommendations for excellent ROI

  • White Labelling
    • Ingresos’s happy customer base is exponentially increasing with the advent of white labeling features in mobile app solutions and web app solutions. We highly recommend this feature for your digital product and it has helped our clientele to become digital solutions resellers.
    • In a nutshell, white labeling your proprietary digital solutions earns you buyers! You can easily “white label” your product by applying your buyer’s brand logo, colors and other labels to make the solution appear as if it is their own. Hence, this recommendation has always earned us happy and profiting customers worldwide.
  • Admin Portal
    • Admin Portal is another blessing from CMS and it allows you to independent when it comes to making any changes like announcing an event or season discount banners on your mobile app or web app. Using CMS, Ingresos will create a portal with login credentials and you can add or delete announcements for your app users with mere login activity.
  • Tracking Inventory
    • This feature is the most productive for e-commerce transactions. Several off the shelf online stores like Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce etc can be built and be engaged for transactions. However, your merchandise needs to be tracked and monitored for the seamless shopping experience.

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