Custom Software Application Development

Custom Software Development

Ingresos team's technical acumen and passion is a perfect incubator environment for your software product to take a shape. No matter if your idea is just on your mind or is left out mid-way, we dare to pick it up and complete it to beyond your expectation.

Ingresos being a boutique digital solution provider, from our experience in the software industry, we know for a fact that the selection of the implementation methodology for a project has a deep impact on its success. Our key to successful completion of a project is to understand how the requirements are evolving and if this aspect is rapidly changing, a flexible agile approach is implemented. Whereas for an enterprise integration project that involves several interfaces to be integrated, it may require a more “planned” waterfall model of development.

Let us look at how Ingresos teams sort the evaluation of various factors that impact the project:

  • Nature of project :
    • Mobile Only : Low dependency (e.g. of publicly defined interfaces that are already in production)
    • Mobile + Server Development: Increases dependencies as mobile and server are dependent on data and interfaces of each other
    • Integration : Integration of mobile, multiple middle-ware and services platforms and backend.
  • Mobile platform :
    • Single platform or Cross platform : A single codebase and/or target platform. In case of cross platform development, tools such as PhoneGap and Xamarin enable the development of a single codebase to target multiple platforms
    • Multi-platform : Native application targeting more than one platform. Multiple code bases each implementing the same functionalities need to be development and maintained.
  • Nature of Requirements :
    • Evolving (Media, Digital Life) : Flexible development. Features are developed in short sprint and are subject to change.
    • Early Definition with fewer changes (Enterprise, Workflow, Content or Line of Business, Banking or Finance) : Requirements can be tweaked, but overall the features and goals remain constant.
Ingresos Edge
  • Innovators at all stages of a product development
  • Mobile application development for Native Mobile apps like Android, iOS, Cross platform technology based mobile applications, HTML 5 based mobile web app.
  • Middleware development & Integration
  • Leveraging our domain specialization coupled with mobility expertise
Lesser time to market at Ingresos
  • Code is kept in a “releasable” state.
  • Code gets back into the hands of testers quickly.
  • Enables more frequent releases with new features thereby freeing the team to do more valuable work.
  • Fort Nightly builds and can be scheduled using Build Release Management tools.
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We provide state-of-the-art solutions to your requirements

Java, Microsoft.NET, Python, C++ platforms

Agile development model

Intense regressive testing

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Applications for all kind of business verticals

User-friendly and attractive

Cost effective and high quality customized software application development solutions which enable your business strategy, processes and goals.

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