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HR Services and Solutions

Our HR Services team is at the forefront when it comes to driving Ingresos. This department has been standing strong by getting some incredible people with niche skillsets. The Human Resource Department at Ingresos, understands that there is no compromise when it comes to the standard of the resources to be hired and thus there is a dedicated recruiting teams for each customer. This strategy has helped us win and retain our customers and credibility.

Our motive behind professional staffing is to build long term relationships with our employees and nurture them through multiple deployments while we symbiotically grow.

Ingresos has always been developing long-term staffing strategies to offer highest quality talent in multiple areas across the organization.

Niche Expertise

Our HR division works 24/7 and are dedicated in fulfilling the customer requirements through extensive calling, research and preliminary screening process. Ingresos has generated robust focus teams to supply resources in various skillsets and business niches like:

  • BFSI
  • Human Resources
  • Call Center
  • Mortgage
  • Digital & Creative
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Engineering
  • Hi-Tech
  • Healthcare
  • Project Management
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Permanent Staffing

Ingresos has dedicated teams of technical and domain knowledgeable workforce who hunt right talent on behalf of customers. We have unique screening techniques that our teams abide by and are highly successful in onboarding the right people.

Direct Hiring or Permanent Staffing is the best solution for your long-standing job vacancies in your organization. Customers trust us for fulfilling job vacancies as we work round the clock and specialize in finding people on Super Niche skills.

How do we do it?


Fundamentally our teams ensure that they understand the requirements provided by the customers so that their screening process is equipped enough to face unforeseen challenges like competency, market trends, key parameters that are essential for a job etc.

Preliminary Interview

Ingresos HR teams conduct interviews of the selected candidates to assess the caliber and suitability for the job description provided by the job providers. Once, our teams deem a candidature could be a possible hire, we then schedule interviews and let our customers proceed with actual interviews to understand the candidates’ profile, skills and other parameters.

Ingresos Differentiators

Ingresos doesn’t shy away from allocating a bandwidth of 50-300 recruiters on an account. This is based on the kind of requirement set by the customer and we are also proud that our capability is to onboard 200-300 in a month on one account irrespective of competition, skillset rarity etc. Hence, our customers are rest assured that the candidates’ database is in abundance.

We specialize in providing Manpower Services at all levels:

  • Expert level
  • Middle Management
  • Beginners

We have specialized technical recruitment teams working to source for emerging technologies like Mobile, Cloud, Big Data and Analytics and Internet of things (IoT).

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Contract Staffing

Ingresos provides infallible Talent Sourcing for temporary staffing or resources on contracts. We understand that some of the projects do not require full time resources and hence with our unique Talent Management Solution, we provide manpower to organizations whilst satisfying the client as well as the associate.

In most cases, our resources have found strategic positions in our client locations in spite the workforce being on the payroll of Ingresos and we give all the credit to our HR Services team who relentlessly work to cater to the needs of our esteemed customer base.

Our hiring and contracting methodology is statutory compliant and is best in class proven industrial practice. Our customers benefit greatly from this engagement model as it resolves some of the crucial hurdles in resource management like:

  • Background Verification
  • Payroll Management
  • Employee Life Cycle Management

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Ingresos Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solutions caters to the demands of both clients who have no in-house HR systems in place or who need assistance from external Talent Management partners. Customers hire us to help them complete their end to end recruitment processes or a part of it. This mode of recruitment process management helps our customers’ organization to function effectively without losing time or revenue.

Our RPO solutions provides customized recruiting programme that is specific to IT services industry. No matter where our customer’s business is located, Ingresos provides end to end recruitment process round the clock.

Why include Ingresos RPO?

  • We are a specialist talent advisor with exhaustive expertise whom you can trust for any complex and challenging talent needs.
  • We offer tailor made RPO solutions to suit your specifics in terms of HR activities.
  • We are flexible to be your extended HR department as effective cost

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Payroll Management Solutions

Ingresos Payroll Outsourcing Services helps our customers' organizations to concentrate on their core businesses rather than invest their precious time in daily mundane activities like correct and timely calculation of payments. For any organization to function smoothly and successfully establishing trust and commitments between the management and employees is crucial. The main challenge is when the payments must be made considering bonus plans and other incentives applied by the company.

Ingresos, your one stop solution for all corporate reports

Our Payroll Management enrolled customers have been reaping the benefits of not getting involved in generating financial reports and other time-consuming activities. Customers have trusted Ingresos to prepare and submit necessary reports on payroll and taxes to the tax authorities.

Why Ingresos ?

  • We ensure the accounts go through multiple quality checks
  • Our unique payroll management services are intelligent to understand niche industry specifics of customers and to include these aspects during payroll processing
  • Assist in basic payroll consultations that apply for calculations and crucial decisions
  • Manage other nuances of payroll managements like social contributions, income taxes, labor laws etc.

Our team has been involved in mailing payslips to customers, employees email addresses and preparing statements as requested by employees.

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Why Ingresos?

  • Experienced Leadership Team and Outstanding resources
  • In-depth understanding of Customer and Market needs
  • Capability to handle large assignment at short notices
  • Execution monitored and Feedback loops in place
  • Extensive database of multilingual candidates
  • Proven Performance in the Global Industry

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