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As the Web and Mobile platforms are evolving very quickly, it's not uncommon for Applications to adapt or modify when new technologies and OS versions are released. An organization’s mobility roadmap requires constant Support and Maintenance for the applications developed. We at Ingresos, often engage with our clients to provide a Maintenance Plan that covers common and general updates an Application may require.

As part of our Maintenance Plans, our clients receive the necessary reviews, changes and republishing of Web Applications & Mobile Applications as needed to stay compatible with the changing landscape of technologies, OS and its versions. Also, some applications require regular maintenance of databases, feeds, links and other content which may be only partially dynamic or externally modifiable.

The most common aspects that are covered under Support and Maintenance include –

  • New Features Enhancements
  • Application Porting & Website Maintenance
  • Support for New Device form factors and new resolutions
  • Support for new OS Versions
  • Regular data backup and restore

During the Support and Maintenance phase of a project, Ingresos ensures that the comprehensive Risk analysis and Risk Mitigation plans are in place before any updates are made to the application. This will minimize the impact of the platform changes and the respective devices for which the application has already been developed. Based on the assessment conducted, a detailed risk plan is shared with the client providing recommendations and the actions required to nullify the risks. Through our decade long experience and expertise, Ingresos is well equipped to understand the risks in mobile implementations; validate the risks and provide the best risk mitigation strategy and methodology to Customers.

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