Mobile Application Development

Mobile Applications Development

Ingresos is a well-known company for innovation in Mobile Application Development (Android app development & iOS app development) and we say this because we do our best to reshape our customers business models by modernizing their digital products and thrill the end users with unique and delighting user experience.

Our in-house mobility consultants have been passionately developing cutting-edge apps that meet the customers business needs to place Ingresos as one of the top 10 mobile application development companies in India. We at Ingresos have developed multi-platform mobile applications across different verticals including but not limited to Healthcare, Banking Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI), Retail & Manufacturing, Hi-tech Services, Digital Media, Safety, Security & Automation, Energy and Utilities and many more. We have successfully deployed solutions at both consumer as well as enterprise level. In short, our mobile expertise is strong enough to see through your requirements and provide the best mobility solution for your business.

How do we do it?

Ingresos, has expertise in developing end to end mobility solutions across multiple mobile operating systems and platforms. We have seen the rise and fall of multiple mobile operating systems as a part of the mobility evolution and we have worked on every mobile operating system that had been into existence till date.

Ingresos employs proven mobile app development process that ensures high quality and timely deliverables for a seamless Digital Transformation. While we know that mobile app is a nascent step towards corporate innovation, we employ proven development methodology that will bridge the customer’s challenges with our proposed technical solution swiftly and effectively.


A prelaunch brainstorming session is crucial and is the crux for any mobile application development. Our business consulting group starts off with consulting activity with prospective company/individual. For Ingresos, this phase is a series of creative meetings with our clients, where we kickstart the ideas to let it roll out into a story board of illustrations of the mobile app to be developed.


One we have the core concept visualized, our team will help the customer to realize their product by designing a blueprint. This phase has all the inputs from the customer and we provide a skeleton of how the app will look like in the days to come. This blue print is a conceptual representation of the app functionalities and the flow which will also initiate discussion on branding, app logo and other palette options.

Web Services for Mobile App

Once we have a set of reiterated and finalized wireframes, the web services which is the back bone of mobile application is developed. Our teams have expertise in providing web services in various technologies which makes the app come alive. Any mobile based product will have data, and the users are constantly intercommunicating with the data by searching, saving and changing. So, this is a crucial step in the mobile application development as it involves the app to communicate with two other components (server and data base). In other words, the back-end services procure the information requested by the end users via the app; process the information such that it is represented on the screen of the mobile.

Testing Strategy of Mobile Application Development

Some of the challenges that are encountered during testing a mobile application are:

  • Handset Selection
  • OS Versions
  • Target market
  • Resource Availability
  • Device Availability

Ingresos has a methodic approach ensuring all applicable testing methodologies are implemented so that the product being developed is stable. The app must pass through rigorous tests like Sanity testing, scalability testing, security testing and tested for any data leaks.

Launching Application to the Appstore

Once the app is ready and is approved by our Centre of Excellence in Quality Assurance (CoE-QA) it is then launched in the app market. The customer is expected to purchase an account from Google play store or AppStore to launch the mobile app for use by the end users.


Only when the app is used by the end user, the actual bug scenarios start appearing. To have this sorted, our Aftercare Team will help you in having an analytical tool to track user behavior with the mobile app and will provide a deeper understanding with the user experience so that the app is constantly evolving to get better over the time. Any crashes/ bugs are diligently tracked and are provided instant fixes to ensure the business is uninterrupted.

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