Privacy Policy

Your Privacy is prioritized before you (visitor/customer) submit any information to by any means of communication (via live chat/form/mobile).

What Information do we collect?

The information we collect through form during your registration process on our website when you subscribe to any of our services or buy a product is for obvious reasons or in other words, to get the information of the user for the following reasons stated below.

  • To help us deliver the subscription/product/ service to appropriate person.
  • To help transactions happen through authentic information provided by you through our payment gateway partners or through our very own submission forms.
  • To improve user experience on browsing, ordering, subscribing, information gathering reasons.
  • To help us improve assisting the customer in right direction or to clarify the queries the customer might have.
  • To send emails frequently to the customer who opted for email subscription through any of input forms.

The email id we collect during registration process is used by us to send notifications about Orders, Discounts, Offers, Free giveaways, Blog updates, knowledge base updates, Changes in Terms & Conditions, Changes in Privacy Policy, Transaction Information etc.


You may any time unsubscribe to our News Letter Subscription with a click of a button or you may sometimes need to contact us through the contact us form on our website to help us remove your email manually from our mailing list on file.

Do we use Cookies?

Yes we may use Cookies. Cookies are small chunks of data generated by our website through your browsing activity and are sent and stored on your browsers (means, on your local machine/computer itself) to provide convenience to you as a customer/browser e.g.:- Like keeping the recently added products / services intact. Advantage of using cookies is its ability to store information about your recent activity/action on our website and remind you on your browser (client side).

How do we protect your information?

We take every security measure to help us protect your information from leaking out. We take help of different technologies to avoid intrusions that actively work on gaining the form submitted information. Our primary method is by using SSL (Secure Socket layer that takes care of encryption) and Firewall on our servers. And our security team of engineers continually monitor intrusions manually too.

Do we disclose any information submitted by you to anybody?

We don't sell or trade your shared information with anybody. But this doesn't include trusted third parties like Service Providers/Product Providers/API Providers / Partners of our Business or our site as they are the reasons we are here serving you a particular product/service, we share information to them as long as they keep your information confidential.

And we also expose your information when we trust releasing of information is appropriate and abides/complies with the law in an intention/action to protect our and the other users rights, property and safety.

We may share non Identifiable, Anonymous visitor's information to third parties for advertising, promoting, and marketing and for other uses.

About Third Party Links on our Website:

We may share third party links at our discretion on our website textually or through hyperlinking but these third parties have their own privacy policies and terms for which held no responsibilities about their Privacy Policies, Terms and Conditions, Business Practices. In any case if you find problems or complaints with these external third party links you may share your feedback about them to us through this feedback submit form present here

Note: - This privacy policy applies to the user (you) information gathered through website and phone No's shared on our website and does not apply to the information gathered offline.

Stay up to date with privacy policy Changes:

Please always be informed about the changes we make to these policies time to time by very often visiting this page on our website

You should also check our Terms & Conditions to know about our Business Practices and other things as it's the agreement between you and us (, which upon your read up and you surfing our website for any purposes means you approve/agree with those Terms & Conditions mentioned in our site.