Research & Development

Research and Development

Ingresos is a proud owner of an in-house research institute that envisions to become a Centre of Excellence (CoE) for Digital Transformation Services. Our Global Research and Development center is based out of Hyderabad, India and we aspire to bring in world class digital services and best talent all under one roof.

Our mission for our captive R&D unit is to invest time and resources in emerging technologies like Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Block Chain, Crypto Currency etc.

Additionally, some of our customers also engage our Research and Development unit to plan, develop, test and rollout software applications that used trending technologies. Our R&D unit also aims at experimenting with new technologies and concepts that may not evolve as a product but will be documented under ‘reusable components’ that will be used and when required to speed up the software development lifecycle in major projects.

Why does Ingresos have a Research and Development Institute?

  • To be in cognizant with the evolving technologies, to keep our passion burning and to keep innovating
  • Ingresos foresees prospective enhance in market share by present its customers something that is “out of the box” or never seen before. We love to surprise our customers with unique features and hence invest our time and energy in innovation and sustainability
  • Furthermore, we see Ingresos as a technology innovator and constantly looking for ways to transform lives and social impetus.

How can you benefit from our Research and Development Unit?

Ingresos can help you create apps and digital solutions from start to finish. We take your idea very seriously and believe that it can disrupt the software industry soon and hence we know the art of not leaking your ideas/codebase anywhere else without your consent. Be it an encrypted chat engine or something that is freshly exploring a new technology, our focus is to contribute to your innovation and make it world class.

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Our R&D services aim to provide technical leadership and assistance to the clients in coming up with unique products, services, and processes within the organization.

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