Why Ingresos?

Why Ingresos?

At Ingresos, we judge our success with the success of our customers and take pride in the awards and recognitions received by the solutions developed by us for our customers.

Bottom line - Over the past, Ingresos has been part of many mid-large successful mobile implementations and understands mobility nuances very well. We have been trusted by organizations to be their Mobility partners ahead of the traditional large IT vendors.

Large organizations have chosen us as their specialist vendor for our niche skills and experience in building Mobile enabled solutions. We believe that Ingresos is uniquely positioned to assist our prospective and existing clients with our deep mobility expertise and specialization in Consumer and Enterprise applications.

For Customer requirements, Ingresos will bring to bear its expertise and its many years of experience in building end-to-end mobile solutions for various verticals including Healthcare, Media, Retail, Manufacturing, Consumer solutions and BFSI.

Ingresos as an Exclusive Mobility Integrator:

Ingresos is an exclusive mobility System Integrator (m-SI) and has implemented various large-scale end-to-end mobile implementations involving complex data sources, backend systems e.g. SAP, JD Edwards, Cimplicity, iMaximo, SAS Business Analytics. As an m-SI we can help you in integrating and provisioning your mobile solutions with large MEAP, MAM, MEM and MDM platforms.

Vertical Specialization

Ingresos has evolved from pure technology focused specialization into a mobility integrator with vertical focused specialization. It’s evident that within mobile ecosystem there are industries or verticals that require very specific domain expertise. Ingresos has created a vertical model to best support our enterprise clientele. We have built a team of subject matter experts that not only understand mobility, but understand mobility in the context of their respective vertical.